About Hillsea




I started Hillsea because I realised the need of improving and revitalising products. A product development where the old meets the new in exciting innovative products. It is easy to believe that everything already exists, but with a good imagination and clarity there is a hugely exciting market awaiting.

Hillsea's logo represents mountains and oceans where the thought and freedom are followed and the boundary is free. 

"If you look up, you see no boundaries" Japanese proverb.

Hillsea's aim and purpose is to design and create products that solve and facilitate different situations in life in a simple and functional way. Hillsea's goal regarding the environmental perspective is to produce and manufacture in Sweden. To reduce the packaging of the product itself and the mail handling. A challenging task but also an important task in the environmental work for Hillsea as a company.

SmartSpoon's history etc

As a trained restaurant teacher and one with a great interest in the outdoors as well as traveling it has given me inspiration and the idea for SmartSpoon.

The lack of a multi-tool for different activities outside and inside where the focus is on simplicity and functionality is an important part of SmartSpoon's design and design.

Combining outdoor experiences with my commitment to food as well as different cooking methods can be said to lead to the design and functionality and basic thought of the spoon. Inspiration taken from, among other things, wedding spoons from the end of the 19th century to the Chinese rice spoon to finally a Light Weight spoon. A SmartSpoon under 10 g where the old meets the new.

As a happy and persistent exerciser I been part of several Vasalopp by both biking and skiing as well as Siljanrunt on a bike for a few laps. Through my outdoor activities I have packed many day bags. There has even been long-travel backpacks packed by having visited 35 different countries. A SmartSpoon would have been good to have there for different adventures and occasions. So the next trip to Japan and a week in the mountains this summer, SmartSpoon is an obvious choice.

Another important source of inspiration is my work with young people who have disabilities and add-on diagnoses where the spoon's ease of grip is A and O. The capacity of choosing to use the different variants of grips and different functions that the spoon offers gives the less-abled the same opportunity to use the same spoon.

A spoon for all, easy to bring and easy to use.

Use Hillsea's products for many years, think of the environment!

// Kerstin Norberg