About plastic

What exacly is plastics?

A plastic material usually consists of a so-called polymer and various additives. A polymer is made up of a long chain of like molecules, monomers, for example ethylene, vinyl chloride or styrene. The additives, such as plasticizers, stabilizers, antistatic agents and dyes, are used to influence the properties of the plastic. Additives are also used to facilitate the manufacture of plastics.

Smartspoon is made of PP - Propylene plastic

PP is a thermoplastic polymer and forms together with the PE olefin plastic group. PP is available both as a homopolymer and a copolymer and is considered one of the most environmentally friendly plastics.

Characteristics: Environmentally friendly. Good screen and printability. Good resistance to chemicals. Low density. Good dielectric properties.

Chemical name: Polypropylene

SmartSpoon is in Sweden made of A-plastic. A-plastic is ISO 14001 certification - Environmental certification and ISO 9001 certification / audit - quality certification

Use SmartSpoon in many years, think of the environment!